Saturday, December 18, 2010
Batch 30 (req) @ 3:24 AM
HULLOO yes we have been dead. but we are backk ;)
with a new skin made by doughnutcrazy who is a pro skinner :D
helen here btw, with ( 100x100 ) 10 icons of Co-Ed
this is a request . okie lets HIT ITTTTT -- o.o
i'm sooo sorry , the quality was like 100000 times better on photofiltre ==

  1                    2                            3                          4
5                     6                        7                       8
                                          9                     10                 no icon                  no icon              


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Friday, December 10, 2010
Batch 29 (req) @ 5:18 AM
heeey there. its helen here.
LOL sorry still haven't fixed the navis. i've been so lazy & whatever i do it doesn't work ! :O
ill leave it to vany ;D AHAH XD
newais, here is Fatiehah's request of 5 icons & banners of Super Junior's Kyuhyun ♥
yah . i did 7 icons . 2 extra icons ;D



printscreen – No Other MV

HEEEY, remember to credit ;D

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Friday, December 3, 2010
under construction ? :S @ 7:22 PM
sorry, there is something wrong with the navis.
so yaaah ; but we will still be able to post.
so until then, please wait patiently if you'd like to request so then we can fix the navigations.
Sorry! =\ @ 3:53 AM
So hey all! I'm here to say that we're sorry but all the request will be done in 2-3 weeks time cause we're busy and sorta lazy so yeah. I will list out the request that haven't been done yet aite.The link exchange and request is closed for a short while until we're not busy. :)

1st will be Apple:10 icons and 350x200 banners of SHINee's Key
2nd will be Fatiehah:10 100x100 icons and 350x200 banners of Cho Kyunhyun
3rd will be Masudah: icons of Co-Ed school

These request will be done right after we are free yea :) Thanks for your co-operation! :D

From Vanycia.